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  • Anna Maria Khazaradze

Valentino SS24 Show

Pierpaolo Piccioli has done it yet again, with another fantastic Valentino presentation. Personally, I believe that the Spring-Summer collection is really simple, elegant and sexy. Some of the outfits may be dressed up, while others can be worn simply. Pierpaolo Piccioli has always paid special attention to detail, and this collection was centered mostly on flowers and elegant embellishments.

“I wanted to use embroidery not as decoration, but as structure that becomes a fabric in itself,” Piccioli said. “I think this is the most exposed collection I’ve done; it shows skin, but in a different way.” As known from the trusted source the concept was inspired by the low-relief architectural moldings seen in Italian Renaissance interiors, with a specific tribute to the Sala Bianca, the renowned palatial Florentine venue where Valentino initially soared to stardom in 1968 with his all-white collection.

With this collection Pierpaolo Piccioli also wanted to tell people and society that "We have to keep women's freedom to express themselves, to express their bodies in a very free way," He is truly enraged about the political backlash that women are getting for dressing in a particular way and showing skin. That's why, as he mentioned, he tried to showcase as much skin as he could, because as feminist he thinks that women have right to be themselves. Even exposing the body and saying no.

The Paris Fashion show was opened by personally my favorite nepo-baby in business: Kaia Gerber.

Oh! You got to the end. Remember, It's not just clothes; it's a journey, an adventure, and a whole lot of awesome.



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