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  • Anna Maria Khazaradze

Sydney Sweeney at Miu Miu show for Paris Fashion Week

Alright, so let's talk about Sydney Sweeney. Picture this: it's Tuesday, and she's hitting up Miu Miu's Spring-Summer 2024 show in Paris. Now, Miu Miu practically made underwear as outerwear a thing, so it's like the perfect match for our girl Syd, making it easier to get into her best friends boyfriends;)

Now, onto the outfit! She's bossing it in a cropped tweed set that's totally twinning. The jacket? Long sleeves, gold buttons down the front, and mega pockets that scream 'chic'. And don't even get me started on those matching mini shorts. They're classic, but it's what's above them that's stealing the spotlight.

Now, let's talk accessories. She's keeping it sleek and black, totally in sync with the whole vibe. Check out those killer platform heels and those chic Miu Miu shades. Oh, and that quilted "Arcadie" bag? It's an absolute statement. And can we talk about her hair? She's ditched the usual blonde bombshell look for some serious volume with those long waves.

It can be said that Sydney Sweeney is not joking around anymore and is taking fashion much more seriously then her career.



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